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​Illuminated Front Sighting System

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Innovation Breeds Evolution...Concealment Done Right

IWB - Inside the waste holsters

OWB - Outside the waste holsters

Innovation Breeds Evolution...Concealment Done Right

Hello, and ​thank you for your interest regarding my CX-Series concealment rigs.  Within our site you'll find a good deal of info, video's and images, regarding my PAT.PEND. Concealment rig designs, colors, patterns and other specifics to customize your concealment rig.  My hand crafted, original ergonomic concealment rigs do not promise but out right “Delivers” outstanding concealment, function, fit and amazing comfort that will blow you away.  After looking over the info if you have any questions and/or are looking for suggestion on which rig is best suited for your carry option, along with your body type and preferred carry position.  I would be more than happy to assist you in ensuring you best the very best for your needs.  With that said thank you for the opportunity to earn your business and your trust and most of all thank you for your time.

The first of its kind, CX-Series concealment rig are engineered to rid high on the hip and tight to the body the first of its kind on the market.  This original organic design focused on a natural ergonomics’ structure and movement of the human body in motion within a dynamic environment the ergonomic natural flowing design allows for outstanding concealment and comfort that is unreal. The function and fit are second to none and this is one of the most popular concealment rig's for compact and sub-compact carry options.

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