geared towards smaller compact/ sub-compact carry options in mind, like the (XDs,  g26/27, KelTec PF9, and others.  This rig rids high on the hip and tight to the body. This, along with the original ergonomic natural flowing design allows for outstanding concealment and comfort that is unreal.  The function and fit are outstanding and one of the most popular concealment rig's for compact and sub-compact carry options.


CX-Series Concealment Style Holsters:




designed for the 3 o'clock position on your hip. It’s geared to accommodate larger and heavier full size firearms in distributing the weight of the firearm evenly between the front and rear belt loops while delivering a high and tight to the body ride which delivers amazing concealment, function, fit and outstanding comfort as it focused on a natural ergonomics’ structure and movement of the human body in motion within a dynamic environment. 


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the first of its kind on the market and geared for med-size firearms, such as the glock 19, at the 3 o’clock carry position.  This original organic design focused on a natural ergonomics’ structure and movement of the human body in motion within a dynamic environment. 


Tactical Style Holsters:


perfect for the 3:30/4-o'clock position on the body.  This design delivers a high and tight on the body-riding holster with its streamlined and sleek design low-profile design ideal for the 3:30 to 4 o'clock position.  With a low-profile top and bottom design, the CX4.5 provides a smooth flowing sleek design that is organic in shape, as well as ergonomic in fit flowing naturally with the body along the belt line while maintaining a non-obtrusive stature.  This well-balanced EDC concealment rig designs allows the firearm to sit higher on the hip taking advantage of superior concealment while delivering the CX-Series signature comfort, function, and fit.  Another reason why the CX4.5 is a favorite among Law Enforcement Officers, Competitors, and Conceal Carry American’s like you.


Concealment Style Holsters:

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